Quality Assurance

Metal Touch Industries Ltd. strongly believes, to actualize its corporate mission, a high level of Corporate efficiency is essential at all levels in the whole organization. And so, it commits a considerable amount of resources for training, development, compliance and motivation. Recognizing the human resource as one of its key success factors, it provides trainings to them on a regular basis to help improve production quality and organizational productivity. An active partner of the signatory Fair-trade Consumers around the world, Metal Touch Industries Ltd. and Finishing Industries partnership complies with all provisions of the labor as well as the factory laws and conventions applicable.

Metal Touch Industries Ltd. is having a dedicated department to look after the matters that are called Compliance in common terms but it views all these as a highbred positive motivation initiative in its Own understanding.

  1. Employment

  • Legal Acts: The Organization complies with the legal framework of Bangladesh, namely the
  • Factories Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Factory has employed a full time Welfare Officer /
  • Compliance Officer to satisfactorily comply with all Code of Conducts.
  • Child Labour: As per factory recruitment policy first condition / criteria is factory will not allow
  • child labor. Factory will not hire any employee under the age of 18, or under the age interfering
  • with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law, whichever is greater.
  • Personal Records: Personal files of workers have a signed copy of Service Contract, which
  • clearly mentions the job Title, Employment Terms, probation Period, Maternity Benefits &
  • Termination Clause. Workers are screened by doctors within the first three days of joining and are given Age certificate.
  • Wages & Overtime: Overtime records for past Six months are made available in the factories at
  • all times and are controlled as per the local legislative requirement. One day rest is mandatory in one week / seven days. Overtime records indicate the overtime hours and overtime premium. It is being paid as per local legislative requirements. Copy of last Six months Payroll as also available in the factory all the times and this includes Basic Salary, House Rent, Medical Allowance, Other Benefits and deductions.
  • Prohibition of Forced Labor: Factory will not use involuntary of forced Labor-indentured,
  • bonded or otherwise labor in any circumstances.
  • Prohibition of Discrimination: Factory of sewn products will employ, pay, promote, and
  • terminate workers on the basis of their ability to do the job, rather than on the basis of personal
  • characteristics or beliefs.
  1. Health and Hygiene

  • Neat & Cleanliness: As per factory Act, In question of sanitation our factories garbage, dustbin
  • are always kept neat & clean so that no bad smell can be created from those.
  • Air, Temperature & illumination: The factory floors are well ventilated and lighted as per
  • factories act.
  • Hygiene: Factory Doctor and Welfare officer provides health screening, age certification and
  • counseling on hygiene to all the workers on a routine basis.
  • Drinking water: Portable drinking water is provided by the management to all the workers of the Factory and a drinking water test report is available for ready reference.
  • Toilet: Factory has sufficient clean toilets / washrooms as per factories act.
  1. Safety

  • Maintenance of Machinery & Plant Fixtures: To safe guard workers from any accidents / job related injuries, plant equipment such as electric generator, machine guard, boiler electrical fitting and etc. are checked periodically.
  1. Fire Safety

  • Fire Fighting Tools & Equipment’s: To combat fire, fire fighting procedure, emergency evacuation procedure and evacuation maps are placed on around the floor. Fire extinguishers, buckets, beaters, hooks and fire hydrant are clearly marked and accessible to all the workers. Emergency Fire Exits are clearly marked and exit doors are routinely checked everyday. All fire fighting equipment used are inspected on a monthly basis for damage, obstruction and audit tags are attached with each equipment.

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